Q: Does it hurt?

     A person’s pain tolerance is subjective so it is hard to gauge.  There are some places that are more sensitive than others but most folks describe it as like having a sunburn. Most of our clients getting tattoos for the first time comment on how it is nothing compared to what they initially thought.


Q: Do I need a consultation?

     If you need artwork drawn up or if you want a price quote, a consultation is necessary.  If you know what you want and already have the image, You do not need a consult unless you are looking for a price quote.


Q: Is there a fee for a consultation?

     There is no fee for a consultation. If the tattoo is going to require a bit of artwork to be done, the artist may ask for a deposit towards your tattoo appointment.  If you do not call or show for your appointment, the artist keeps the deposit.


Q: How much does a tattoo cost?

     The cost is determined by a few factors including size, placement, detail and design, plus the cost of set up materials (ink, tools,…Etc.) to gauge a cost you would need to have a consultation with your artist.


  Q:  Do you need a deposit?

     Most appointments will require a deposit, especially if you need artwork to be drawn.  The deposit is deducted from the price of your tattoo.  You need to give 24 hours notice, if you are unable to keep your appointment or you will forfeit the deposit.


Q: Can you give a price quote over the phone?

     Unfortunately we can not because we have no idea how detailed or how big or small it would need to be to go with your build. The shop minimum is $100.


Q: Do you charge by the hour.

     We prefer to give you a quote price of what it is going to cost rather than charge hourly.  The problem we have found with charging hourly is that you have no idea if we are stretching out our time. We also do not want you to feel you need to rush the artist to keep it under a certain amount. This way everyone is comfortable.  We also will work with you in splitting up the work through a few sessions if it is more financially feasible for you.


Q: What is the process for making an appointment?

     We suggest you start by looking over the portfolios and find an artist that you feel would be a good fit.  For your convenience, we have added links to send emails to the artist of your choice as well as click to call buttons to call the studio.  You may also call the studio at 781-598-8282.


Q: Do you do walk ins?

     We understand that sometimes there can be a bit of spontaneity in time for you to get a tattoo and we will certainly do a walk in, if we have someone available.  You are strongly encouraged to call ahead and see if there is availability before heading over.  We would hate for you to have wasted your time if we are not able to assist you at that time.


Q: Can my teenage child be tattooed with my consent?

     No you must be 18+ to get tattooed at Juli Moon Studio Inc. Proper ID required.


Juli Moon Studio Inc., 9 Boston St., Lynn, MA 01904  (781)-598-8282