Brit faceBrit Zane – Office Manager

Administration Wizard, Brit Zane is curiously a jack of all trades and master of many. One day he wandered out of the forest and found his way to the studio. Originally he traveled here to escape a dreaded curse of adulting and to acquire some ink, but he never left. Content and secure in the studio environment he sprouted some wings revealing his true mystical Faerie nature. We decided it was probably for the best to not disturb the bliss of a Fae creature, so we allowed him to stay. He routinely makes sure that the magick of the studio ebbs and flows in all the right directions. Most recently it was discovered that he is also fluent in translating Artist to English and therefore he is the ideal creature to talk with those seeking empowerment. The way he effortlessly matches folks with just the right tattoo wand wielder is amazing to behold.


Juli Moon Studio

9 Boston Street

Lynn, MA 01904

(781) 598-8282