Juli began her pioneering work in nipple/areola 3D tattooing in 1988 after her mother, a breast cancer survivor, asked if it was possible.  At that time it was unheard of, but she didn't see a reason not to.  After seeing how empowered her mom felt, Juli felt the importance of helping women reclaim their breasts.  Since the late 80's Juli's Nipple Renew technique has become the industry standard.

Juli's work space is clean, calm and private.  She strives to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. She welcomes you to bring a friend or loved one to be with you during the process.

Click on the thumbnails to the right for examples. Please keep in mind that the nipples in the after photos will be slightly redder due to the  tattooing process. That redness will fade during healing. Please click the 3D tattooing info link to visit our Nipple Renew website.

3D Nipple/areola tattooing on reconstructed breasts is like putting the bow on a gift of self confidence.